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How to fix "invalid partition table" issue on Windows

How to fix "invalid partition table" issue on Windows?

Invalid partition desk causes troubles like partition loss and device boot issue. Do you have any thoughts on fixing invalid partition table on Windows 10/8/7/XP? This practise will assist you solve this hassle through a couple of methods.

Symptoms of invalid partition table issue

Partition desk is stored on difficult drive, containing facts that's used to explain partitions at the disk. Usually, partition desk is talked about with the time period MBR (Master Boot Record). MBR partition desk is one of the most widely used disk partitioning format.

Operating machine reads statistics in partition desk to get entry to partitions and files in each partition, as partition desk stores partition numbers, location, size, partition type, and so on. If partition table gets corrupt or invalid, operating device gained’t be able to get admission to partitions, together with machine partition, which means that the boot procedure can not continue.

The invalid partition table errors especially seems in the course of a failed system booting process, and you can see phrases "Invalid partition desk" on black display screen.

Causes of this Error

The warning "Invalid Partition Table" Windows 10 on startup or putting in appears specially because of the subsequent motives:

The boot collection is wrong.
The BIOS is out-dated.
There are two or extra walls are marked as active partition on the difficult drive.
MBR (master boot document) is corrupted.

How to fix "invalid partition table" blunders?

Solution 1: Rebuild the MBR with PartitionGuru

This software program is capable of fix invalid partition desk via rebuilding MBR. A partition desk saves information with 64 bytes shape which gives basic information for computer’s working device. Since the PC cannot boot to device now, the MBR rebuilding ought to be down underneath Windows PE environment.

Step 1: Create WinPE bootable USB pressure of PartitionGuru.

Step 2: Boot your pc from the bootable USB disk.

Step 3: Rebuild MBR (Master Boot Record).

Solution 2: Rebuild MBR the use of Command Prompt

If you've got a Windows set up disc, you may fix invalid partition desk through Command Prompt, right here are answers:

Step 1: Insert set up disc into your computer and boot PC from the disc. Click "Repair your laptop"

Step 2: Select Command Prompt inside the "System Recovery Options" window.

Step 3: Type "bootrec.Exe" in Command Prompt and press "Enter".

Step four: Type "/FixMbr" on Windows. Restart laptop and take a look at if the issue is fixed.
Solution three: Change the boot collection

If your pc includes more than one nearby disks or external disk, often, the invalid partition desk is probable to occur due to incorrect boot order. On such event, you must restart your PC and enter Boot Menu wherein you may set disk boot order. Make sure your computer is booted from correct disk, save modifications and restart laptop.


This manual offers 3 solutions to repair invalid partition desk grade by grade, and you could attempt them one after another. If you have partition table backup, you may without delay restore partition table without attempting any repairing operations.

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